Today, one of the hardest parts of investing is finding legal information advantages

At Intersect Capital Management, we are able to find information advantages to help you generate strong risk-adjusted returns

About Intersect Capital Management

Intersect Capital Management ("ICM") specializes in distilling complex data sets, in combination with traditional investment methodologies to find information advantages that provide truly differentiated investment solutions.

Building Enduring Value


We use scientific and academic methods to find actionable insights in traditional and emerging data to continually create value for our clients.

Forefront of Growth

ICM utilizes a cutting edge tech stack incorporating AI and deep learning which creates a continuously strengthening feedback loop of information on all its investments.


ICM builds scalable systematic strategies that can evolve with market conditions in order to generate strong risk-adjusted returns in all market environments.


We've asembled a strong hedge fund team with an average of over 20 years of experience in all critical areas of the business.

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