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The discipline of ESG investing today has progressed far beyond what it was decades ago, when it started as “socially responsible investing.” Today, it’s a robust framework for identifying potentially strong-performing securities.

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INTELLIGENT ESG: An educational series from Intersect Capital Management

ESG: Tomorrow’s Investing Framework

We believe ESG is an evaluation method that can be used in conjunction with historical fundamental and quantitative methods to identify companies and stocks with the potential for strong performance.

Data-Driven ESG: A Refined Intelligent Investing Solution

When combined with experience and rigorous analysis, this large and growing universe of ESG data enables new and unique investing solutions.

ESG & Fiduciary Duty: Growing Relevance in an Evolving World

As fiduciaries, we live in a rapidly evolving world. One of the places that change is being felt most acutely is in the ESG space.